Hi JP, pls tell us where you’re from and how old are you?

I’m JP Cuison, 30 years old. I’m from Manila Philippines, the birthplace of the “I LOVE YOU” virus.

What do you do?

I’m an Associate Creative Director in an advertising agency in Manila. In my free time, I paint, illustrate and make gig posters for both local and international bands.

How did it all start and what keeps you going?

My advertising career started when I did some storyboards for an ad agency. From there, I became an art director and eventually became an Associate Creative Director. Advertising has been good to me. It has paid  a lot of bills, but there was a time when I was so frustrated because I needed to please everybody but myself with the work I have been doing. So I looked for an outlet where I am my own boss. I talked to some friends in the music industry. I did gig posters for some of the local artists for free.. just because I wanted an outlet. Then the rest is history. I got into the music /art scene. Thanks to my frustration with my day job.

What’s your biggest project?

One of my biggest projects is when I made a movie poster for “Ang Babe sa Septic Tank” which got nominated at the Oscars for Best Foreign Film. The movie became a hit and so did my poster. Another was my last exhibition – titled “Warhol vs Lichtenstein”. It was my most ambitious work so far.

Any interesting/funny story to share?

A client used one of my works as his peg for an advertising project. He had no idea I made that artwork.

What is your dream?

Right now, I really want to be a full time artist.Also, it would be awesome if I can make gig posters for musicians I like : Pheonix, Paul McCartney, Gorillaz and Pearl Jam to name a few.

Who is your inspiration and if given an opportunity, who do you want to collaborate with?

If I had a time machine, I would love to work with Andy Warhol and Jack Kirby. It would be great if I had an opportunity to work with Frank Kozik, Coop and Shepard Fairey. That would be awesome!

What is happening in the local art scene in Philippines?

The art scene here in the Philippines is doing great! Last January, Art Fair Philippines was well received. A lot of people came to support local artists. There are also galleries here like Secretfresh Gallery selling designer toys, etc.. The art scene here is very much alive.

Any goal in the next 5 years?

My wife and I want to own a Gallery Cafe.

In 3 words, how do you feel right now?

Excited! Excited! Excited!

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